Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Top 7 Android Adult Games (18+)

7 Game Android Hot Khusus Dewasa (18+)

Game is one of the best means to get rid of boredom . There have been many games with various genres created by developers and given free to people to play. Of the many such games , Jaka will discuss adult game or that can only be played for users aged 18 years and over . What game is it?1. Sexy Beauty Fishing.

1. Sexy Beauty Fishing


In the game Sexy Beauty Fishing this , you should be able to catch all the bikini worn by mermaids in order to have as much money . You can upgrade to a fishing pole and boat in order to capture the princess with ease .

2. Sexy Find Differences

From the name of the game , it is known that the game Sexy Find Differences requires that you look for the difference from the pictures there . The pictures that are here to be viewed only for people who are aged 18 years and over ya .

Sexy Find Differences

3. Sexy Fantasy Shooting

Sexy Fantasy Shooting is a game where you have to shoot enemies with a given ship . You will be given ten free coin at the start of the game. The coins will be replenished every six hours . After you successfully pass through each stage , you'll get an interesting event .

Sexy Fantasy Shooting

4. Blow Skirt

Skirt Blow is a game that is quite ignorant . In this game , you must move the wind to skirt the girls that their skirts lifted to the top . You have to be smart to arrange the wind to be blown properly .
Blow Skirt

5. Sexy Bikini Hunter

Sexy Bikini Hunter is a game where you have to take on the bikini girls on the beach . You will be given a hook used to retrieve the bikini .
Sexy Bikini Hunter

6. Sexy Tennis Ball

Sexy Tennis Ball Arcade is a game that requires you to catch every ball thrown . If you managed to catch the ball - ball , the background image will change accordingly. You can see sexy girl playing tennis on green meadows or on the beach .

7. Sexy Card (Solitaire)

Sexy Cards ( Solitaire ) is a Solitaire game that is quite unique . Just like the game Solitaire in general , the difference is that you can see cardset Special Sexy Solitaire with beautiful girls .

Sexy Cards (Solitaire)


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